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Dan Hodges

Dan Hodges offers over 30 years experience as a former Special Agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. He specialized in hostage negotiations, criminal profiling, foreign counterintelligence, general criminal investigation and narcotics interdiction. He consistently brought high profile cases to the United States Attorney's Office for prosecution and directed multi-jurisdictional criminal task forces in investigating major cases. He has participated in the planning and execution of various counter- terrorist exercises and real operations as an active member of the FBI's regional SWAT team. Mr. Hodges most recently organized and coordinated the security operations for the Nashville portion of the Iraq Out of Country Voting Project sponsored by the International Organization For Migration headquartered in Amman, Jordan, and then hired by the International Electoral Commission of Iraq to complete the Out of County Voting Project in Nashville Tennessee.

Bud Hodges
President, Managing Partner

With a twenty-five year background in various aspects of the security industry, Bud Hodges offers managerial, consulting and investigative experience, and serves as the Senior Management Consultant for insurance fraud investigation at Hodges & Associates, LLC. His background includes military, private security industry and law enforcement experience.


Mr. Hodges works with major insurance firms around the country, and currently coordinates casework particularly in the areas of mortgage insurance fraud and workers compensation claims in more than thirty-eight different states. He maintains association with numerous retired FBI Special Agents around the nation who provide a variety of investigative services that give clients successful conclusions to their inquiries and concern, in both the civil and criminal arenas.


He has also served as an advisor in the organization and implementation of both physical and electronic security programs for U.S. Government facilities such as the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta and the U.S. Federal Courthouse in Nashville.

W. Rick Jones
Senior Investigator

W. Rick Jones has provided  civil and criminal investigative services for numerous law firms and corporate entities.
Mr. Jones has been  the Tennessee Security and Investigative Representative for the National Hockey League (NHL) since 2003. He is responsible for all aspects of security regarding league officials, liaison with law enforcement, and interacting with the coaches and management of the team. Mr. Jones provides investigative services for the NHL for the state of Tennessee.

Mr. Jones conducted investigative and security services for the National Football league from 2001-2009. Mr. Jones Provided investigative services, to include fraud, due diligence and all criminal and civil matters related to the League, players and all NFL teams. Mr. Jones provided advice and coordination of security activities for the physical protection of NFL players, club personnel, League personnel. Mr. Jones also provided game day supervision of physical security services for visiting teams and League personnel In conjunction with Hodges and Associates, LLC, Mr. Jones helped organize and implement the security measures for the Iraqi out of Country Voting Project. This was a very large security effort involving the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force, CIA, U.S. Military, Nashville Metro Police Department and other law enforcement entities.


 Mr. Jones has coordinated and conducted numerous executive protection security details involving government officials, foreign dignitaries, professional athletes and CEO's of major fortune 500 companies.

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